Chapter 5
Amanda & David
The world has seen remarkable change since 1874, and it’s hard to believe that
Catanach’s Jewellers has been there to endure it all and still thrive to the
present day. This chapter traces the Catanach family's journey through
leadership transitions, world-changing technological advancements, and
Australian sporting achievements. We see new generations lean into the
traditional values and quality craftsmanship that Catanach’s has always stood
George William Catanach

The balance of family
and business

Having joined the family business in
1981, it wasn’t until the 90s that Blair’s
daughter Amanda Catanach took on
leadership at Catanach’s. Mandy studied
gemmology and became a valuer, while
also becoming a mother to her two
daughters, Lexie and Olivia. Mandy
quickly became adept in the balancing
act of roles in motherhood and as a
hard-working business woman — she
even managed to be on the school
Parent Teacher Association committee,
and an active contributor in the local


A family effort

While Blair’s eldest son Peter did not end
up joining the family business, youngest
son David came on board at Catanach’s
Jewellers, initially focusing his energy
into the retail and administrative side of
the business, before moving into repairs.
The father of two also became a driving
force within the Catanach’s trophy
department, with his role in the
engraving and designing of trophies.
Amanda and David used their
complementary skills to re-establish
Catanach's as a destination for customer
service and quality.


Capturing a moment in

While their father Blair didn’t particularly
care for the effort and expense of
brochures, Mandy and David ensured
Catanach’s returned to creating them
once they joined the business. They see
brochures and catalogues as capturing a
moment in time, highlighting the best
parts of the year, much like William
Catanach did in decades past. Mandy
has always tried to add a personal family
touch, with the brochures featuring
photos of her daughters alongside the
Catanach family's jewellery creations.


Bringing Wi-Fi to the

In 1996, Australia made an impressive
leap forward to go down in technological
history with a game-changing invention:
the beginnings of Wi-Fi technology.
Discovered by brilliant minds at CSIRO
down under, the wireless local access
network (WLAN) laid the groundwork for
the wireless networking that powers our
world today. From bustling cafes to quiet
corners of our homes, this contribution
has made high-speed internet access a
reality, transforming how we live, work,
and connect.

Late 90s

Return to tradition

Having come into her own in the family
business, Amanda’s efforts in the late
90s had a meaningful impact on
Catanach’s. Mandy was a driving force in
striving to return the family business to
its traditional elegance of yesteryear,
including stripping away 80s décor. She
also aimed to make customers feel
closely connected and part of the family,
ensuring each was valued. This
approach created a welcoming
atmosphere, setting Catanach’s apart
from its competitors. Being the first
woman to lead the business, Mandy
brought a new perspective, focusing on
family spirit, supported by her knack for
remembering details about clients’ lives
and pieces over the years.


Sydney’s Olympic

The year 2000 saw Sydney set the stage
for the electrifying 2000 Olympic Games.
Australia impressed beyond just our
incredible hosting role at the 2000
Games, winning 58 medals including 16
gold, 25 silver and 17 bronze. Nikki
Webster stole hearts in the opening
ceremony, and swimming legend Ian
Thorpe captured 3 golds. Cathy
Freeman's 400m victory became a
defining moment of national pride,
etching the Games into Australia's
collective memory as a symbol of
triumph and unity.


September 11 attacks

On September 11, 2001, the world
watched in horror as terrorist attacks on
the United States unfolded, leaving a
profound impact on people all over the
globe. This tragic event not only
changed international security policies
and diplomacy but also deeply affected
communities worldwide. Ten Australians
were among the 2,977 people killed in
the September 11 attacks, and the event
changed history, impacting air travel and
global security measures ongoing.


Racing back to trophy

Designing and crafting striking trophies
for the likes of golf and horse-racing has
been a Catanach’s legacy since 1904.
Fast-forward to 2006, and Catanach’s
embarked on the renewal of their
relationship with the Caulfield Cup,
return to making their trophies. From the
likes of the Caulifield Cup to the Blue
Diamond, producing special, memorable
trophies is a Catanach’s legacy that


Australians meet

While it had been around a few years by
now, Facebook became available to
anyone over the age of 13 in 2006,
revolutionising the way we connect.
Before we knew it, for many Facebook
was a part of everyday life, offering
Australians unprecedented ways to
communicate, share moments, and build
communities online. As it grew,
Facebook not only connected long-lost
friends and families but also became a
pivotal platform for organisations,
reshaping the Australian social and
digital landscape.


Australia’s first win of
Tour de France

Cadel Evans made history in 2011 as the
first Australian to win the Tour de
France — one of cycling's most
prestigious and gruelling competitions.
His victory not only showcased his
exceptional talent and determination but
also marked a significant milestone for
Australia on the international sporting


Epworth Honour Board

In 2014, Amanda Catanach's dedication
to giving back was celebrated as she
was honoured on the Epworth Honour
Board, upholding her family's charitable
legacy. Over the years Catanach’s
Jewellers has supported Epworth
Medical Foundation, Starlight Children’s
Foundation, National Breast Cancer
Foundation, Epilepsy Foundation of
Victoria, and many more. This
commitment to community support and
generosity reflects the heart of the
Catanach family's values.


Blair leaves behind his
cheeky spirit

The Catanach family farewelled Blair
Catanach following his passing in 2014
after battling illness over the years prior.
His departure marked a significant loss
for Catanach's, leaving behind a
remarkable contribution to the business.
His cheekiness and spirited energy a
reminder of his lasting impact on the
lives of those who knew him.


Olivia’s trophy

In 2015, Mandy’s daughter Olivia
officially joined Catanach’s Jewellers,
though her contribution polishing silver
for the family business date back to
childhood! Olivia found her role in the
trophy area of Catanach’s, playing a key
part in the business’s expansion at this
time from 50 trophies a year to
hundreds, even thousands, thanks to a
new relationship with the Australian Turf


The covid pandemic

We all know too well the struggles that
individuals and businesses were faced
with when the Covid-19 pandemic
arrived in 2020. Alongside many, Mandy
worked hard to navigate the family
business through the pandemic's
uncertainties. Catanach’s continued to
flourish thanks to the entire team, but
also thanks to the clients who continued
to call and keep in touch throughout this


Keeping the Catanach’s
craftmanship alive

The Catanach’s Jewellers commitment to
craftmanship remains alive and well, all
these years later! Mandy's passion
continues to shine through in her
jewellery designs, which she still
sketches by hand, working with clients
to create that special piece to last
lifetimes. Reflecting the Catanach’s
approach since the very beginning, there
are four skilled jewellers crafting pieces
in-house — their dedication to the art of
jewellery making is unmistakable,
showcasing a blend of tradition and
innovation that has defined Catanach's
for generations.

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Olivia “Liv” Catanach
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Olivia “Liv”
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