Catanach's 150 Years. 1874-2024
Catanach's 150 Years. 1874-2024

150 years
timeless beauty

From past to present with Catanach’s Jewellers

Welcome to Catanach’s Jewellers.

We invite you to take a journey through time and
discover the remarkable story of one of Melbourne's
most iconic and enduring jewellery brands.

Catanach's Jewellers has stood the test of time for an
impressive 150 years and continues to thrive. We take
pride in our enduring legacy and this celebration is a
tribute to the generations who have contributed to our
success and the countless cherished moments our
jewellery has witnessed.

Join us as we revisit the last 150 years of Catanach’s,
and its significant role in the history of Melbourne and
Australia. From humble beginnings in 1874 in Royal
Arcade to becoming a renowned brand synonymous
with quality, craftsmanship and excellence.

Celebrate with us as we honour the past, embrace the
present, and look forward to the future. This milestone
sees us revisiting the history of Catanach’s Jewellers
like never before.

150 years of...

exquisite craftsmanship


captivating stories

Our story

Let’s step into the pages of history and discover the
remarkable evolution of Catanach’s, the city and
country we call home, and the jewellery trade in

Our timeline serves as a captivating portal to the past,
taking you through pivotal events, milestones and more
that have shaped Australia’s journey alongside ours
since the Victorian era.

We’ll take you through six chapters, each representing a
distinct era in the Catanach's family legacy. From
humble beginnings to becoming a sought-after
destination for discerning jewellery connoisseurs, a new
chapter will be unveiled every two months, allowing you
to savour the moment and anticipate what’s to come.

George William Catanach
Chapter 1
George William
It all started aboard HMS Swiftsure when young George Catanach
set sail from London to Melbourne, Australia. Of course, it wasn’t
known as Australia then.
William Mercer Catanach
Chapter 2
William Mercer
William Mercer Catanach perseveres through challenges and changes,
with global hardships including two world wars, the Spanish Flu, and
the Great Depression. There were also iconic creations and
achievements along the way.
William “Bill” Alan Catanach
Chapter 3
William “Bill”
Alan Catanach
The influence of Bill Catanach sees Catanach’s continue to grow
and give back to the community through charity work.
Meanwhile, Melbourne was continuing to grow, hosting world
events and more.
Blair Peter Catanach
Chapter 4
Blair Peter
With Blair Peter Catanach and his progressive way of thinking
at the helm, Catanach’s made the move from Melbourne’s
Royal Arcade to its current home on High Street, Armadale,
reflecting the evolving city.
Amanda & David Catanach
Chapter 5
Amanda & David
Recapturing the traditional elegance and luxury of Catanach’s while
also bringing the store into the modern era was vital for Amanda and
David Catanach during this time of fast-paced change.
Olivia “Liv” Catanach
Chapter 6
Olivia “Liv”
It’s hard to believe that Catanach’s Jewellers endures 150 years
later, but here we are. Family and passion paved the way for
Olivia to continue to carry on the Catanach’s legacy.

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More than just a timeline, our 150-year celebration is
an opportunity to forge a deeper emotional
connection with our loyal patrons and those yet to
experience the magic of Catanach's Jewellers.

Together, let's celebrate the enduring beauty and
unwavering dedication that have made Catanach’s an
institution for 150 years and counting.